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Talented emerging Scottish musician Lauren Collier, is making a name for her virtuosity on the fiddle and captivating vocals. Originally from Irvine in Ayrshire, Lauren now lives in Glasgow and has been writing and playing her own music for the last six years. She has toured all over Scotland and has played in Canada, India, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden.

“an astonishing standalone achievement, a feat of musical mastery many musicians could only dream of producing after a lifelong career, let alone at the beginning of a brand new one” – FOLK RADIO UK

Lauren released her highly-anticipated debut album Uddevalla in December 2023. An atmospheric mix of songs and instrumental tracks from around the world, Lauren has taken inspiration from the music of multiple countries for her first record. The album takes listeners on a musical journey from Haiti, through Sweden and India, and onto Indonesia and Greece, all the while offering a unique blend of traditional and electronic music that is incredibly diverse, yet wholly cohesive.

Each track has evolved over time, influenced by Lauren’s own musical tastes, life experiences and the diverse cultures she has encountered on her travels. The result is a captivating fusion of melodies and rhythms that invite the listener to explore the rich diversity of our world through the universal language of music.

“Rising and falling with emotion, frailty and strength, light and dark, the juxtapositions presented within this album are glorious and keep you enthralled.” – At The Barrier

With her illustrious band: Ali Hutton (Old Blind Dogs, Treacherous Orchestra), Paul Jennings (Wolfstone, Shooglenifty) and Gus Stirrat (Fat Suit, Blue Rose Code), Lauren masterfully crafts a live performance portraying a sense of place, emotion, and time.

“beautiful and unconventional” – FOLKING.COM

“one of the albums of the year” – Caledon Radio

“exemplary musicianship, playing and singing” ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑– RNR

“like nothing you have ever heard before” – KLOF Magazine

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