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Kinnaris Quintet – the powerhouse group forging new attitudes towards traditional and folk music with their unique and signature sound.

Expect uplifting and driving harmonies, intricate arrangements, and joy in abundance.

Renowned for having a style quite like no other – powerful, fresh, euphoric, cinematic, raw, enigmatic and highly emotive – Kinnaris Quintet have quickly become the must-see act on the live music scene.

Bold, sparkling arrangements and performances are laced with a contagious on-stage exuberance and joyful enthusiasm, as anyone who has seen this band live will attest.

Based in Glasgow (Scotland), Kinnaris Quintet take influences of traditional Scottish, Irish, Bluegrass, Classical, Scandinavian and Appalachian music, and create technically dazzling, evocative arrangements.
Kinnaris Quintet have produced the perfect concoction of remaining faithful to their traditional roots, whilst delicately pushing the boundaries of tradition, bringing it to the forefront of exciting and modern music.

The Band:

Aileen Reid (5 string fiddle/vocals)

Fiona MacAskill (fiddle)

Laura Wilkie ​(fiddle)

Laura-Beth Salter​ (mandolin/tenor guitar/vocals)

Jenn Butterworth​ (guitar/stomp/vocals)

The five pillars of the band are accomplished musicians in their own right.
Combined, their musical energy is compelling, and musicianship is pushed to bold new heights.
Their approach to creating music together is innovative, impulsive and instinctive, lending itself to a creative freedom that has grasped the attention of festivals, media, peers, and public audiences across the globe.

Since bursting onto the music scene in 2017, Kinnaris Quintet have gone on to be at the forefront of originality in the traditional music scene, including being awarded the Belhaven Bursary for Innovation in Music (2019) – the largest financial music prize in Scotland – amongst other prestigious awards and nominations. Recent collaborations have included writing and performing with musical heroes Karine Polwart, Julie Fowlis, Dreamers’ Circus, Frigg, and a guest appearance in pop superstar George Ezra’s End to End documentary.

This Too (2022) is the second album from award-winning Kinnaris Quintet.
The highly-anticipated record builds on the band’s signature style of intricate melodies and arrangements, underpinned by driving rhythm, following their critically acclaimed debut album Free One (2018).
Both studio albums intentionally reflect the quintet’s focus on authenticity,
capturing the energy and essence of their exhilarating live performance by recording both albums live.
Whether in a live setting or recorded, music from Kinnaris Quintet promises to stir the soul, evoke emotions, take you on a journey and make you smile along the way.

“A fearless and unconventional exploration of traditional music as this powerhouse of a band takes Irish, Scottish, and Bluegrass by the hand and spins them into an album as unique and innovative as it is technically dazzling….destined to take its place as one of the best debut albums…”
Folk Radio UK
“This Too may have been conceived in difficult times, but it is an object lesson in making the best out of your circumstances. This is incredibly accomplished music, but more than that it is full of heart and hope.”
Folk Radio UK
“…. raw and yet sweetly accomplished, brawny and yet harmonically assured, and with occasional echoes of Steve Reich-like minimalism…a great example of musicians moving the tradition forward… sure appreciation of where it all begins.”
The Herald
“The elation of the musicians at being able to play together is always in evidence and that joyous exuberance is captured perfectly.”
The National
“Where the f*** have I been to have missed this group emerging that does EVERYTHING I LOVE?! It’s f***ing brilliant! There are so many beautiful things to say about this group…I love it!”
Greg Lawson (GRIT Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra)

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